You Break, We Fix.

Instrument Repair Diagnostic Page

When you are filling out a Flute Service Order or a Piccolo Service Order, you can use this page to help discern, and then describe, the concerns you have about your instrument.

Instrument is noisy/clacky

  • pads are noisy
  • mechanism is noisy

Keys do not move freely

  • keys stick to the tone holes
  • keys release from the tone holes, but move very slowly as they rise

Sound is not focussed

  • the entire range of the instrument sounds “off,” out of focus
    • there is a leak in the upper end of the flute
    • the whole flute is leaking
    • the tone holes are coming unsoldered
    • there is a crack in the body
  • the low register in particular is weak
    • the pads in the right hand are leaking
    • the adjustments to the f# are incorrect
    • the g’s are leaking
    • the g# is leaking (this may also cause a general haze to all of the notes)
  • the high register is difficult to get or to make as pretty as before
    • the a-a# adjustment is off
    • the keys come up too high
  • flute is out of tune
    • the cork is significantly off-center
    • the key ventings are all incorrect