About Paul

What’s it all about, Alphie?

Paul Harrington is a co-founder of Flute Arts and has been serving the flute community in that capacity since 2000. He is a master craftsman in both flute- and piccolo-making. He began the study of flute repair in 1974, and apprenticed as a flutemaker at Brannen Brothers in the early 1990s with Janet Kinmonth. His duties at Brannen included finishing flutes, quality control and head joint testing. Through the years, he has developed an international reputation for excellence amongst flute players, repairmen and flute makers. Paul is certified with Muramatsu, Straubinger and JS Gold pads and finishes instruments for Keefe Piccolos, Emanuel Flutes and others.

Mr. Harrington is an experienced flutist and piccoloist, most recently expressing his artistry through solo benefit concerts for various faith-based organizations. He has also performed in groups such as the Boston Philharmonic and the Louisville Orchestra. While living in Louisville, he played a number of seasons in the pit orchestra for an outdoor music theater.

As a flute instructor, Mr. Harrington has worked with students of all ages and abilities since 1979.

Along with his activity in the flute world, Mr. Harrington invests his time in his faith, his family and his friends. He is an ordained minister who serves as a teacher in a faith-community in Billerica, MA. He also plays bass in a worship band with his wife. He enjoys running (has run one marathon and is training for future ones) and writing (has published his first book, Glimpsing Into the Kingdom).

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Paul has recently come back from a trip to Kenya, where he assisted missionary doctors Dino & Janice Crognale in their efforts to provide medical care and demonstrate compassion to the local people. Read about it in his blog.

To participate in these cutting-edge world-changing, life-changing activities, click on the links below. Paul is excited by their visions!