Service Goals

We mean business!


Flute Arts employs state-of-the-art techniques and materials to keep your instrument in the finest working order. We are committed to using only time-tested techniques; we will not take chances on your instrument. We will also discuss with you any unusual issues that may come up — there will be no surprises. From minor adjustments to full-scale overhauls, Flute Arts will strive to maximize the potential of your instrument. Whether it is the “feel” of the instrument or the “sound” of the instrument, we recognize that your flute or piccolo must work for you. With our intensive background in flute making, we can adjust a flute to conform to your personal needs. Our goal is to make your instrument respond to you in the way that you like.


With our background in performance, pedagogy and flute making, Flute Arts is uniquely qualified to help each customer seek solutions to artistic problems. While solid craftsmanship is the foundation to the basic performance demands of a flute, the many subtleties of performance require attention to details that can only be viewed artistically. Sometimes it is only through the ears of the player that problems can be discerned. At other times it may take a players perspective combined with a solid understanding of construction techniques of the instrument. Flute Arts has a mandate to work with our customers to determine causes and solutions of those subtle issues.


Our goal for each flute or piccolo that comes to us is to make it play as well as it can. By maintaining your instrument to the highest possible standard, we hope that you too will perform to your highest possible level.

Flute Arts recognizes that there is something magical that happens between a player and his or her instrument. When trouble occurs, it is not always easy to discern where the problem lies. In any repair situation, there are three components to the problem. First, there are the basic construction techniques used by the maker. Second, there is the handling of the instrument by the player. Third, there is the repair history of the instrument. Our commitment is to discern with the customer the source(s) of the problem(s), and determine a course of action to resolve any problems. It is our goal to do what we can to keep flute-playing enjoyable, so that the magic can happen.

Over the many years that I have worked with and known Paul, I have always respected his integrity and dedication to true customer service and as well as his exceptional flute-making and repair skills. I recommend him as one of the finest.

– David Houston